Dunes et Marais 2012

Things didn’t seem to be starting well, Brittany Ferries had been striking for the past week, so I was keeping an eye on their website in the days prior to travelling – Thursday morning confirmed it – our ferry on Friday night had been cancelled – so a quick change of plan – instead of […]

JDLF – France – May 2012

Well after the last event, the car had to be taken completely apart before France; there was water, mud and worst still gravel everywhere!  Every bearing had to be cleaned, the brakes changed, even the gearbox removed to clean the clutch and pump belt housing! After a lot of hours in the garage (Rick that […]

JDLF France – May 2012

Thanks to all the French people that provided the above photos. Start Slide Show with PicLens Lite

Rallye Dunes et Marais, Royan, France – October 2011

Left Nottingham for ‘Dunes’ on Friday night in the glorious September sunshine and boarded the overnight ferry to Caen – we arrived at the campsite around 2 on Saturday, unpacked the car and headed straight to the beach.  We enjoyed 3 more days of French ice creams, I mean holidays, before sorting the trailer ready for […]

Rallye Jean De la Fontaine, May 2011

New colours for the new year. First race meeting in France in 2011, the curse of 2010 had been lifted. 2nd Overall  New format at JDLF this year – 2 days reccee (Thursday and Friday) Scrutineering Friday pm/Saturday am – 1st Car out of Parc Fermee about 10.30   Saturday                                                 Twelve Stages over the two days […]

France 2010

What a year!  We decided to do three events in France in 2010 – Rallye Jean De la Fontaine in May, Rallye Orthez in August and our favourite Rallye Dunes et Marais in October.  We had problems with the clutch at JDLF, which forced us to retire on Saturday – at that time we were […]

Rallye Dunes et Marais, October 2009

Another brilliant result in France! 7th overall out of 130 cars, first in class T1A2 (up to 3000cc) No problems with the car, we were runnning notes this time. 350km on Old Fred again without problems (although the back axle bearings are now shot) Old Fred Next time a podium? Start Slide Show with PicLens […]

Rallye Jean De La Fontaine, Soissons May 2009

What a difference a year makes! We have a quad for recceeing, this was put to good use, we managed about 150 miles on “Old Red” (called so as he’s old and red, believe it or not!) This gave us a good insite into the stages, but we still don’t use pace notes, maybe next […]

Rallye Dunes et Marais, October 2008

Our next journey into France, this time we took a quad to recce on for the 2 days before the rally, and had a service van loaded up with spares and a toilet for Sandra!  The recce time made a big difference to the stages as now I had experience of driving them, the only problem was that […]

Rallye Jean De la Fontaine, Soissons, May 2008

I’ve been slowly getting the car to French racing spec, Soissons on the 9th-11th May will be our first venture in France. Sandra is a bit worried about the navigating, but as she spends all her life organising where I should be and at what time this willl come naturally! As we don’t have a […]

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