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This is Rick & Sandra Mann’s Off road racing web site.  Our aim is to give you an insight into a sport we both have a passion for and have been involved with for many years now.  Because of this experience we will also try & share with you what has worked and what hasn’t!  More details on our car can be found in “Our Race Car details” , there are also photo’s, video’s and reports.   

2014 was a mixed year – five 1st overall’s the rest DNF!  

Giving us 4th overall and 1st in class in the 2015 AWDC Championship

Not sure what we are doing this year – here is a run down of some of the AWDC events and French events we may do.

 March – AWDC Round 1 – Walters Area, Wales – Didn’t attend

April – AWDC Round 2 – Ebbw Vale, Wales – Didn’t attend

May – Hill Rally, Wales – Didn’t attend

May – S & S Interclub – Baden Hall – Went didn’t race

May – French TT – Rallye Jean de la Fontaine – DNF

June – AWDC Round 3 – Minehead, Somerset – Didn’t attend

July – AWDC  – Hill Rally – Walters Arens

August – AWDC Round 4 – Ilfracombe, North Devon 

August – AWDC Round 5 – Spring Farm, Norfolk

September – French TT – Rallye Des Cimes

September – AWDC Round 6 – Sweetlamb Rally Complex, Wales

October – French TT – Rallye Dunes et Marais

November – AWDC Round 7 – Ebbw Vale, Wales 

November – French TT – Rallye 7 Vallees

picture by Mark Williams

thanks Mark!

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