2014 – summary

A summary of 2014 March – AWDC Round 1 – Walters Area, Wales – CRASHED April – AWDC Round 2 – Ebbw Vale, Wales – 1ST OVERALL May – AWDC Round 3 – Pontypridd, Wales – CANCELLED May – French TT – JDLF, Soission, North of Paris – DNF – GEARBOX FAILURE June – AWDC […]

AWDC – Sweetlamb – Round 7 – Aug 2013

After the cooling problems that we have been having with the car, it was finally ready to race again. We loaded up Thursday night and left for Wales straight from work Friday afternoon, we arrived around 7.30, got the trailer converted, sorted dinner and opened a bottle.  After a pleasant evening socialising we retired to […]

AWDC – Walters – Round 2 – April 2013

We planned on a long weekend for our first safari of the year – the weather looked promising although it was Wales we were going too. We set off from work on Friday at 4 and after a steady drive arrived on site at 8.  Within the hour we were set up and eating tea.  […]

Castlecombe Rallyday 2012

Left home around 10 on Friday morning, arrived on site around 2, shortly followed by the Mitchell’s, and Deguilio’s (and a lot later the Bird’s) – camp was set up and the guys set to with putting up the banners.   Then off they went to set up a bit of a course around the infield […]

AWDC – Pontypridd – June 2012

The weekend started at 4pm on Friday – after a 3 1/2 hour drive we arrived at Chris & Lisa’s, followed by The Deguilios, and much later Julie and her caravan – to cut a long story short, the engine blew up on their car, so she had to be recovered with the caravan whilst […]

AWDC – Waterbeach – Round 2 – ‘Champion of Champions’ 2012

Left home early Saturday morning and was on site by 10am, set up camp had lunch then went off to walk the 6.5 mile course – decided I should walk this one, didn’t want another occurance with the hazards! Got back and sat with the girls with a few bottles of fizz, we had tea […]

AWDC – Walters Arena – Round 1 – 2012

Arrived on site on Saturday morning after staying with the Mitchells on Friday night. Rick went off to walk the course whilst I set up camp – 4hrs later he was back after a 9.5 mile walk. Sunday morning we went off the start line in 5th position after Andy, dust was a bit of […]

Castlecombe Rally Day Sept 2011

Arrived around 5, after meeting the Mitchell’s and Brendon on the road side, got parked up and then the Deguilios arrived – as soon as we were settled, we girls settled down with a bottle of fizz!  As it was a fairly nice evening we sat out all night. On Saturday morning all the cars were displayed […]

AWDC – Sevenoaks August 2011

Hectic weekend, Rick arrived home from a week working in Japan on Thursday evening, we loaded up Friday morning and had left home by 11.30am.  We arrived mid afternoon and set up camp and enjoyed a fish & chip supper and a few drinks with our fellow campers.  Saturday – sunny day, chief marshall Dave Knight […]

AWDC – Ilfracombe July 2011

Set off from home at 5.30am on Friday to miss the traffic and get a bit of Devon sunshine, after a few missed turns we arrived on site.  Spent a nice afternoon in Ilfracombe sampling the local cream teas. We stayed at camp on Saturday, some of the others had an afternoon at the beach, I […]

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