France 2010

What a year! 

We decided to do three events in France in 2010 – Rallye Jean De la Fontaine in May, Rallye Orthez in August and our favourite Rallye Dunes et Marais in October. 

We had problems with the clutch at JDLF, which forced us to retire on Saturday – at that time we were standing 4th overall.

The steering broke in Orthez and we ended up on top of a barrel, we got towed off and managed to complete the stage within the time, but again were forced to retire as it was not repairable.

Again the steering was to blame for not finishing Dunes, it failed whilst we were travelling at 100mph on a tarmac straight, luckily it happened just before entering a wooded area – so no damage to the car or us.

So whats new for 2011 – new steering design for a start.

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