Castlecombe Rally Day Sept 2011

Arrived around 5, after meeting the Mitchell’s and Brendon on the road side, got parked up and then the Deguilios arrived – as soon as we were settled, we girls settled down with a bottle of fizz!  As it was a fairly nice evening we sat out all night.

On Saturday morning all the cars were displayed along with the AWDC show unit, we were told that we would have 2 slots on the main arena one mid morning and one mid afternoon where we could ‘show off’ we weren’t allow on the track but a circuit had been made in the in-field for us.  Which we would have to share with the Wildcats and Race2Recovery boys.

Not sure what happened in the morning session – I think Ben Collins (ex-stig) had an off in one of the wildcats – so the morning session was cut short.

The afternoon session was a lot better, although it had been raining quite a bit before we went out, so there was a lot of mud flying!  So much so Mark & Sue Potts had to abandon – as their wipers packed up and they couldn’t see a thing.

We had a great time, and obviously the fastest on the circuit – we had 4 wildcats on one straight and one more on the inside of a corner.  Catching Andy West in his wildcat at the marshalls hut.  I jokingly asked if he slowed to let us past – he said he couldn’t get any where near us.

Some friends were at the circuit watching, they said when we came out people started to move away as they thought we would be slow – then came back when they actually realised how fast we were actually going.  At one stage we were faster than a subaru rally car on the track.

Great weekend pity about the weather.


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