AWDC – Walters Arena – Round 1 – 2012

Arrived on site on Saturday morning after staying with the Mitchells on Friday night. Rick went off to walk the course whilst I set up camp – 4hrs later he was back after a 9.5 mile walk.

Sunday morning we went off the start line in 5th position after Andy, dust was a bit of problem, but we were flying – so much so we both missed a hazard board and bang next minute we were landing hard in a large hole, after a bit of a do we ended up in the rough, it came a bit keen but Rick asked if I was OK, said yes and we were reversing out and back on track, the dust was still bad and caused a bit of slowing down but managed to get back to the finish, although the car didn’t feel quite right.  We came back in 4th, but decided not to risk going out again.  Not the best start to the season.

Roll on Waterbeach.


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