AWDC – Waterbeach – Round 2 – ‘Champion of Champions’ 2012

Left home early Saturday morning and was on site by 10am, set up camp had lunch then went off to walk the 6.5 mile course – decided I should walk this one, didn’t want another occurance with the hazards!

Got back and sat with the girls with a few bottles of fizz, we had tea then spent the evening in the Birds motorhome with the Deguilios and Mitchells, went to bed around 10, it was raining and very windy. 

Woke up every few hours to the sound of rain – eventually it was morning and still raining – drivers briefing was called and we were told the first half of the course had been changed due to the weather.  We eventually got off around 10.30 we went off 5th or 6th of the line after Dan Lofthouse before Dan Evans – had a great clear run, it was incredably wet and very muddy but we put in the fastest time.  We went off 1st for the second and following runs the course getting rougher and muddier. 

We had a great day 4 out of 5 fastest lap time, fastest run of the day.  On our final lap (five) Rick said the engine wasn’t running right and about 3 quarters of the way in the power steering went, he was having problems turning the steering wheel, but aimed the car in the rutts and hoped it would pull itself round.  We completed the run in good time, winning the event by 1 minute and 40 seconds, 2nd place went to Tim Dilworth and 3rd Keith Lewis.

Had a great days racing the only things we had to do was fill up with Water and Fuel, and clean the windows after each run.

We are now officially the Champion of Champions and have a great crystal decanter and glasses saying this.

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