The race trailer takes shape!

We’re getting too old now for camping in the UK, plus the weather is not as good as it could be (!) so I came up with the idea of a race trailer that we could sleep in.  Shove the car outside, fold down the seats, beds etc & use it like a caravan!

The original trailer chassis was designed to be a 3000kg GVW, and weighed in at 550kg unladen.  An aluminium body was designed & fabricated at work, then all fitted over Christmas.  The back door lifts up on gas rams and doubles as a shelter (its 2m square). Windows & a roof vent have been fitted, it was tested for the first time at Cambridge, although the sleeping arrangements were a little hurried!  The total weight now is still only 770 kg, so we have a good load capacity.

The front has been updated with a more aerodynamic design which makes it easier to tow, the quad fits on the back and it now has a huge folding bed that doubles as a settee then lifts up out of the way when the car goes in.

The space is such that we have carried 8 spare wheels under the car, plus fuel, water, spares & pressure washer so the conversion has worked very well.


The trailer over in France

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